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Miami escorts
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I was born in London and spent some time working there as a professional escort for Miami escorts before I came to America a few years ago. I’m finding things a bit different here on the other side of the pond. The men here are more aggressive and the women aren’t as concerned about manners as they are in Britain. I try not to let that affect me, though. I act the same here as I did over there. The girls think I’m stuck up, but a lot of guys prefer my company in public because I bring something else to the table, that refined demeanor that is lacking in some of the other escorts.

I take pride in my profession and have no shame about what I do. My job is to be a companion for men visiting Miami both in public and in the privacy of your hotel room. They call me Queen Victoria because of my attitude but the men who have spent time with me, always call me when they return to Miami. If you are looking for a hot redhead with class and style, call me or fill out the form below: